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With 40 years of experience under our belts, Nationwide Cleaning Services stands as a beacon of excellence in the cleaning industry. Our journey has been marked by a steadfast commitment to quality, comprehensive knowledge, and unparalleled expertise in a wide range of cleaning and related service requirements. With a robust reputation for quality service and deep knowledge in all aspects of cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, Graffiti removal, waste removal, industrial cleaning, and other related services. Our team, comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals, is the backbone of our success. They understand that attention to detail and a little extra care can make all the difference, ensuring the job is done right, the first time, with a satisfaction guarantee.


At Nationwide Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on delivering impeccable cleaning solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of professional cleaners is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and eco-friendly cleaning agents, ensuring your space not only looks pristine but is also safe for everyone. Whether it's office cleaning, commercial spaces, or residential areas, our comprehensive cleaning services cover every corner, surface, and space, leaving nothing but a sparkling environment.


In addition to conventional commercial cleaning services, Nationwide Cleaning Services offers green cleaning solutions through our Green Program. These solutions can be used in part or for all of your cleaning services, based on your business environment and needs.


Our Consumable Management service is designed to streamline your facility's supply chain, ensuring that all necessary cleaning and hygiene products are well-stocked and managed efficiently. From paper products and soaps to sanitizers and air fresheners, we handle the procurement, stocking, and management of all essential consumables. This service not only saves time and reduces waste but also ensures that your facilities are always equipped with the necessary supplies to maintain a clean and healthy environment.


Nationwide Cleaning Services provides comprehensive waste management solutions that are both environmentally responsible and efficient. We manage all aspects of waste collection, segregation, and disposal, ensuring compliance with local regulations and sustainability practices. Our waste management services help reduce your carbon footprint, promote recycling and responsible waste disposal, and ensure that your premises remain clean and free from waste-related issues.


Our Washroom Services offer a complete solution for maintaining high hygiene standards in your restrooms. Understanding the importance of a clean and well-maintained washroom for the health and comfort of your users, we provide thorough cleaning, sanitization, and maintenance of washroom facilities. Our services include deep cleaning of all surfaces, replenishment of consumables, and the installation and maintenance of hygiene units, ensuring your washrooms are always in pristine condition.


Nationwide Cleaning Services are continuously recognised year after year for our excellent

customer service through The Australian Achiever Awards  based on customer feedback.

"I have a regular lady who comes to me from Nationwide Cleaning Services once a week. She is very professional, friendly and honest with excellent communication and customer service skills. I am always informed well in advance if she cannot come and the work, she does is always very satisfactory."

"My cleaner is very prompt, friendly and professional with an excellent customer service attitude.

If she is finished early, she looks for anything extra to do so is always good value for money. I have recommended Peopleworks to my friends because they are reliable and a pleasure to work with."

"The staff from Nationwide Cleaning Services are very professional and they are a very customer focused business. We have found their services to be very cost-effective and we know the staff they provide are all security checked by them. Their communication and customer service are excellent, and the quality of their cleaning is top notch."

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